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Inspect HTTP Requests from Webhooks

Sherlock allows you to create individual test cases to examine the structure of Webhook callback requests

Examining what is being sent from a callback request is imperitive to speedy and efficient development; Sherlock's in-built tools allows developers to make use of the data sent from a webhook callback to avoid running the processes that will trigger the webhook while testing.

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Sherlock displays the data sent in each HTTP request made in an easy to read format as well as the raw data for verbose debugging. A display of HTTP headers further helps debug the request making working with 3rd party APIs a breeze.


Examining the data received is the first step in debugging API calls and webhooks, Sherlock's toolset is the next...

ForwardTo - Enter the URL of your callback handler and see how your script works with the data it receives.

MockRequest - allows you to make amendments to the values sent from a callback request for further use directly within Sherlock.


If you use Sherlock and it saves you time, think about a small contribution... it's what makes the internet great!

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